Career Day

A Career Day was held for the eighth graders around my area to make them start looking forward to their future plans. My day was filled with three twenty-minute classes about that occupation. We were able to pick the three things that we are possibly interested in the future. I chose Photography, Mental Health, and Early Childhood Teacher.

The first class that I went to was Photography. Photography interests me because I have always found art and photography interesting to me. I love to snap pictures of different things. This class teaches you about how to run a studio, a business, and what the job is all about. Photography is taking pictures of people’s weddings, senior pictures, baby pictures, or just nature. To become a photographer, you would need great photo taking ability, and my instructors told me that you also need good people skills. You have to be able to talk to others and interact with them about their pictures. After I walked out of the room I thought of the possibility of me becoming a photographer was about a 25% chance.

The next career that I learned about was Mental Health. A way that you could go into the Metal Health field would be a metal counselor. Counselors don’t perscribe medicine, they just talk with the child. They visit about every week or so to talk about their life, and why they might be acting the way they are. I learned that with kids, they might be scared of their emotions, so the counselors do activities to show what’s wrong. A quality to be great at this job would be patience. You need patience to understand the child. The one thing that I would need for this job would be a more understanding of the human body and brain. It takes lots of college and time to learn about human behaviors and what triggers emotions in the brain. This job is very interesting to me, and I would see myself doing it in the future. I love children, and like to help them in any way!

The last career that I wanted to learn about was an Early Childhood Teacher. I wanted to learn about how childhood teachers deal with twenty screaming children. Well, I walked into the class wanting to learn that, but I came out with something way different. I actually learned about a woman’s job with making education more safe. Some children are brought to a school, preschool, or daycare and can’t do anything! They get left in their car seat to sit there and watch some kind of TV show. The show might not even be educational! Even though I didn’t really learn about Early Childhood Teaching, I learned that we need strong and useful people to check every education building and their leaders. One quality would be to have very good patience, and to love children. I could see myself being a Early Childhood Teacher.

I learned a lot about what I hope to do in my future, and what kind of career path I want. Through going to Photography, Mental Health, and Early Childhood Teacher, I hope to work with children or people when I get older. I hope to also do something with art and teaching.

Pushed Over the Limit

My friend, Kenneth James Weishuhn, committed suicide on very late Saturday night, April 14. Kenneth was bullied about how he came out as a gay young teen. He told his family, then made it official on Facebook.

His bullies kept bothering him beings he was different. They didn’t like how he had lots of friends that were behind him. They created a Facebook page about hating gays. They figured out where he lived and harassed him, while also texting mean things to his phone. They also spread fake rumors about Kenneth.

Kenneth was a very kind friend. Everyone in the surrounding communities knew him as a young man who stood up for what he believed and felt. KJ was always telling funny stories and jokes to his friends. He was always there for you through the hard times. He couldn’t help but making you laugh.

Bullying needs to stop! Kenneth wanted to get away from it, and this was the only way that he could end it. Suicide isn’t the best solution, but Kenneth couldn’t think of any other way. His school didn’t help him as much as he wanted. He told his teachers, but they didn’t do as much as they could, because most of the things were happening outside of school. This is one of the many examples of teen suicide because of bullying. Kenneth was an amazing guy, and he didn’t deserve this!

Maybe our times don’t want to change. Those that were bullying Kenneth maybe weren’t ready for change. Maybe they didn’t want Kenneth to say that he’s gay beings they miss the old way he was. They maybe weren’t ready to have their classmate come out. We’re never sure what Kenneth was thinking his last moments, but we know that he was in a lot of pain and wanted it to be over.

Kenneth stood up for what he believed in, and of course this meant that he lost some friends, that ended up turning into bullies. He changed, but maybe people weren’t ready for that change.

We all miss you Kenneth. Now you can finally rest in peace up there, buddy. Watch over us. We miss you, KoJo.


His sister made an It Gets Better video:

Kenneth’s friends made a video about him:

The local newspaper’s story:


“Be Buddies, not Bullies!” -Kenneth James Weishuhn


Video that I made about Kenneth:

Racing is what I do

There are many different kinds of racing. When someone says racing, do you think about a whole bunch of left turns, NASCAR, or maybe dirt bikes? Well I don’t race NASCAR or dirt bikes, but yes I do make a lot of left turns. I race go-karts, and my older brother, sister, and my Dad race figure 8s.

Racing isn’t just about left turns, there is a lot of thinking and work put into it. You have to figure out the right gear, and make sure that you have the right tires and that they have the right amount of air. You have to buy the right tire prep, and make sure that you have enough fuel. And you defiantly have to run your kart before you go out on the track, to make sure it’s running right.

When your sitting there, waiting for the final laps of the class before you, that’s when your heart starts racing. You think about if you’re going to bring home a big trophy, or if you’re just going to get skunked this race.

Then when the other class pulls off the track, and you push on the gas to get out on the track, that’s when my heart stops beating. I get this rush of energy, and I take a deep breath. I go around the corner, and look up at the flag man. He throws the green flag, and you take off with everything that you have.

You drive off the track with the biggest smiles on your face, because you know that you just brought home the biggest trophy. Your Dad runs over and gives you a high five, with a smile on his face. Then everyone walks over and tells you good race. That’s when you know you gave it your all.

Freelance Friday

For Freelance Friday we were assigned to post another poem or something that we have already written.


I wrote this poem last year, and it really makes reality come to life. Many people are less fortunate than I am.

Kind and Gentle Heart

An empty bowl in her hands.
No Food, no water, no help.
Her shirt too small,
no room to grow.
Her pants in shreds.
from start to the end.
Her feet have soars,
too many to count.
Her arms are filthy,
no clean spot to be found.
Her hair is frayed from end to end.
She has not a penny in her hand,
but with faith and hope,
she prays that someday-
a kind and gentle heart
that leaves footprints in the snow,
can bring her a blanket of courage
to make her troubles come to a close.

Photo from Dee <3 On Flickr

Eight Excuses for not doing your Homework

A listicle is an article and a list put together. I am going to make a listicle post about excuses that everyone has used for not doing their homework.

1. My dog ate my homework. Everyone has used this excuse at least once, but when you tell your teacher, they may not believe.

2. It was really windy outside, and my homework blew away. When you use this excuse, make sure it’s windy outside.

3. I spilled my lemonade all over the paper. Teachers may not believe you for spilling a drink on your paper, so you may want to just bring a paper with smeared words on it.

4. I went to my Grandma’s, and I left it there. We have all been to our Grandma’s, but make sure you have your Grandma call into school saying that you left it at her house.

5. I left my homework on the bus. Your teacher may not believe you, and then she will call the bus driver. Be careful with this one!

6. My homework fell in a puddle when I was walking home yesterday. This excuse will only work if it’s really rainy outside.

7. I forgot it in my Mom’s van. Make sure that your teacher doesn’t have your mother’s phone number, otherwise you might be in trouble.

8. I fell asleep. When you use this one, make sure you yawn, and don’t be energetic around your teacher.


There are many excuses for not doing your homework, and not all of them are realistic. So I have a word of advice for you, just do your homework and don’t forget to bring it to school the next day!

Photo from iCLIPART for Schools

I am the 99%

The world is changing every day. In the past we had Shay’s and Bacon’s Rebellion, which are somewhat happening again today with Wall Street.

Shay’s Rebellion was from 1786-1787. It was about a clash with the New England Farmers and merchants. The merchants were on the higher end, and had a lot more money than the farmers did.

Bacon’s Rebellion was led by Nathanial Bacon in 1676. The arguement led to burning down the colonial house in Jamestown.

I believe in justice, and treating everyone the same. Today, Wall Street is happening which is people that are rich just keep on getting richer. Then the poor are just losing everything they have, and getting even more poor. I am part of the 99% because I believe in equality.


My name is Vanessa and I am part of the 99%. I grew up in a house that we couldn’t get everything we wanted. After Christmas vacation, classmates came back to school saying they got a Nitendo DS and ipods, and I got a new teddy bear. My parents are trying as hard as they can to keep us going. My dad is the most hard working man that I know. He owns his own business, and nobody actually knows hows hard it really is. Many people are in debt, and the 1% don’t understand. They don’t care that people are losing their jobs, and possibly their future.

I AM THE 99%

Noveling Update

Noveling is going pretty good so far. I am over half way done with my book. Vinni, the main character, is going through lots of troubles. Everyday she wakes up knowing that she has leukemia. She goes through days by being sad, but once she spends time with a popular surfer, James, she figures out that life can actually be worth it after all.


This year our class is going to write novels on a website called NaNoWriMo, which lets students write books by setting a word goal. My goal is 9,000 words, but I’m guessing that some people will go over that number. The variety of genres are endless!

My novel is going to be about a girl that lives on the farm and finds out that she has leukemia. Her family and herself have to move to a house on the beach that is closer to the National Leukemia Hospital. She learns that love, faith, and hope can get her through everything. She meets a boy that teaches her to have fun and to enjoy life when she can! I will keep you updated on how my novel is going!

My New Life

My life has changed in many ways this past year or so. Some days I wake up not knowing if the day is going to bless me with something good, or give me something that causes even more unsureness. I’m never sure how my life is going to turn out. I hope that God is having all these things happen for a reason, but some days I just never know. I’m not sure if I have everything planned out for the future, but I sure hope God has it all planned out for me. I wish I had everything written out of a piece of paper telling me what to do every second so then I’d never mess up.

But sadly life isn’t like that. You have to figure things out and learn by yourself. Some things are hard and you never know what’s going to happen, but you stick with it. You keep on getting up in the morning for God and for those that need you. You get up for the abandoned, so then you can show some kind of strength for them. You get up for yourself because you can’t just give up. You have to do it. I’m not sure where this path is leading me, but I’m going to strap on my seat belt and give it a try.