Creating A Cancer Free World

My school is involved in TSA. TSA is Technology Student Association, which help students learn about technology and how it’s changing every second. I got 1st at state TSA last year in CO2 cars. Anyways, TSA is very fun and our school enjoys being involved with it. This year, TSA came up with some new catagories for us students to compete in. One of the new catagories is making a video that is under 5 minutes that shows how you raised money for the American Cancer Society. My class and I are coming up with some great ideas on how to have some fundraisers. We have many different ideas, and we’re trying to find as many people to help us out as we can. We’re having a great time learning and researching, while coming up with great ideas.

Relay For Life Shiawassee County

Flickr by Jeffrey Simms Photography

Pasillo rosa - SCA

Found on Flickr. Photo by SCA Cellulosa Aktiebolaget

Flat Stanleys From Australia!

My Class has received Flat Stanley’s from Australia. I have taken many pictures of April’s Flat Stanley with my farm animals, race cars, and my family. April’s Flat Stanley has been having a great time hanging out with me and my family. My sister graduated from high school this weekend so Flat Stanley went along with me. We took pictures together with me and my family.


Camp Trip @ Black Sturgeon

Photo by: Loimere on Flickr CC some rights reserved.

My family loves to go camping together. We camp a lot. My grandparents have their own campsite that is just for friends and family. It’s called Camp Hunt. My family went to clean to up just a week ago. It had a lot of leaves and sticks everywhere. We cleaned that all up and had supper with my grandparents. The campsite has a swing set, fire pit, sand box, forts and my grandpa has made many many many four-wheeler trails that we drive through all the time. The Bus is an amazing old stinky, mouse filled bus that us kids sleep in. We painted a couple years ago, and tore all the seats out. It’s lots of fun if it starts raining, then all the kids run in the bus and play cards, and watch movies all the time! Its soooo fun! 🙂 Camp Hunt is really fun and I love going there during the summer if we aren’t racing. 🙂

I chose this picture because it’s a campfire, and I love making marsh mellows! 🙂