Hello My name is Vanessa.

I Live in: Iowa. United States

My age: 13 years old

I live on a farm that has a dog, cats, chickens, a duck, and a Pig. 🙂 I love taking care of my farm animals.

My Interests are:

Racing: I go racing every weekend in the summer. I race go-karts at many tracks around my area. In the future I will race Hobby Stock and Figure 8s. 🙂 I love to spend time out in our shed working on our karts and race cars. 🙂 I absolutely LOVE Racing!

Hunting: I love to go hunting. I mostly go Deer hunting, but I hunt anything that I can. I LOVE it!

Softball: I love to play softball in the summer!

Volleyball: I love to play Volleyball! I love it!

Football: I wish I could play football because I like it so much.

Band: I like to play my French Horn in band.

Scrap booking: I like to scrap book my hunting, racing, and sport’s pictures.

Vacations: My family goes on many vacations. I’ve been to every state in the United States besides Alaska and Hawaii.

Animals: I love animals. I like to take care of my animals.

Photography: I love taking pictures!

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