Pushed Over the Limit

My friend, Kenneth James Weishuhn, committed suicide on very late Saturday night, April 14. Kenneth was bullied about how he came out as a gay young teen. He told his family, then made it official on Facebook.

His bullies kept bothering him beings he was different. They didn’t like how he had lots of friends that were behind him. They created a Facebook page about hating gays. They figured out where he lived and harassed him, while also texting mean things to his phone. They also spread fake rumors about Kenneth.

Kenneth was a very kind friend. Everyone in the surrounding communities knew him as a young man who stood up for what he believed and felt. KJ was always telling funny stories and jokes to his friends. He was always there for you through the hard times. He couldn’t help but making you laugh.

Bullying needs to stop! Kenneth wanted to get away from it, and this was the only way that he could end it. Suicide isn’t the best solution, but Kenneth couldn’t think of any other way. His school didn’t help him as much as he wanted. He told his teachers, but they didn’t do as much as they could, because most of the things were happening outside of school. This is one of the many examples of teen suicide because of bullying. Kenneth was an amazing guy, and he didn’t deserve this!

Maybe our times don’t want to change. Those that were bullying Kenneth maybe weren’t ready for change. Maybe they didn’t want Kenneth to say that he’s gay beings they miss the old way he was. They maybe weren’t ready to have their classmate come out. We’re never sure what Kenneth was thinking his last moments, but we know that he was in a lot of pain and wanted it to be over.

Kenneth stood up for what he believed in, and of course this meant that he lost some friends, that ended up turning into bullies. He changed, but maybe people weren’t ready for that change.

We all miss you Kenneth. Now you can finally rest in peace up there, buddy. Watch over us. We miss you, KoJo.


His sister made an It Gets Better video:


Kenneth’s friends made a video about him:


The local newspaper’s story:



“Be Buddies, not Bullies!” -Kenneth James Weishuhn


Video that I made about Kenneth:

3 thoughts on “Pushed Over the Limit

  1. Nicely written, I wish I had known him, and I do regret his loss. You are so right this does need to stop.
    The paper accepted your link, and back-linked to you.
    Again thank you.
    Paullina Times

  2. Richard, Thank you for visiting my blog. I really do miss Kenneth, and the way he stood up for his own belief and feelings. I know he’s in heaven now! 🙂

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