Barn Quilts

Our class is making a barn quilt for the school Gala. We have been working on them for the past couple of weeks, and they have turned out very neat.

We had our teacher Mrs. Krebs, go get some wood from a lumber yard. She got 4×4 feet of plywood. It was green treated, so it will last longer in the outdoors.

We then brought it into our room at school, and started sanding the wood. We don’t want anyone to get a sliver.

After that, we picked out our design. We looked in books that we found, and on the internet. We then picked a very nice looking pattern. We painted the whole board white so it would be an even color. The girls in my grade, which were in my group, then started to design it on the board. We drew it out with pencils just in case we messed up a little.

Then we started painting the black boarder which was 2 inches. We made sure that it was equal on all sides.

Then we taped some of it off, and then we started painting the blue. The blue was very pretty.

Once we were done with all the blue paint, we then started on the yellow paint. We had to be very careful, because we took the tape all off.

Once we were all done with the black, blue and yellow, we made sure that no white was showing through.

Afterwards, we took pictures of our masterpiece. It turned out very nice, and we like it a lot. What do you think?


Here is all the barn quilts that the 7th and 8th graders made:

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