Racing is what I do

There are many different kinds of racing. When someone says racing, do you think about a whole bunch of left turns, NASCAR, or maybe dirt bikes? Well I don’t race NASCAR or dirt bikes, but yes I do make a lot of left turns. I race go-karts, and my older brother, sister, and my Dad race figure 8s.

Racing isn’t just about left turns, there is a lot of thinking and work put into it. You have to figure out the right gear, and make sure that you have the right tires and that they have the right amount of air. You have to buy the right tire prep, and make sure that you have enough fuel. And you defiantly have to run your kart before you go out on the track, to make sure it’s running right.

When your sitting there, waiting for the final laps of the class before you, that’s when your heart starts racing. You think about if you’re going to bring home a big trophy, or if you’re just going to get skunked this race.

Then when the other class pulls off the track, and you push on the gas to get out on the track, that’s when my heart stops beating. I get this rush of energy, and I take a deep breath. I go around the corner, and look up at the flag man. He throws the green flag, and you take off with everything that you have.

You drive off the track with the biggest smiles on your face, because you know that you just brought home the biggest trophy. Your Dad runs over and gives you a high five, with a smile on his face. Then everyone walks over and tells you good race. That’s when you know you gave it your all.

6 thoughts on “Racing is what I do

  1. This sounds so cool. I would have given a leg to do this when I was younger. I love how you’ve described what’s going on inside you as the class before you is finishing.

    I completely agree with everything you have to say regarding all the time, thinking and preparation needed to race. Anyone thinking it’s a sport for dullards is off base.

    Mr. H

  2. Thanks Mr. H. 🙂 But yes, racing is very fun. I’m very glad that my Dad lets me do this every weekend in the summer.

  3. I’ve done a little bit of go kart racing in the past, and your right it is a lot of fun. Your really lucky that you get to go every weekend of te summer. I don’t even live near a track. Hopefully I get one later on. You know where to go to get more information on guitars,

  4. Hey Ben, You’ve raced before? That’s pretty awesome! And yes, I am really lucky to have a track near my house, and to be honest, my family has our own track in our town. It’s pretty awesome. 🙂 -Vanessa

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