Creating A Cancer Free World

My school is involved in TSA. TSA is Technology Student Association, which help students learn about technology and how it’s changing every second. I got 1st at state TSA last year in CO2 cars. Anyways, TSA is very fun and our school enjoys being involved with it. This year, TSA came up with some new catagories for us students to compete in. One of the new catagories is making a video that is under 5 minutes that shows how you raised money for the American Cancer Society. My class and I are coming up with some great ideas on how to have some fundraisers. We have many different ideas, and we’re trying to find as many people to help us out as we can. We’re having a great time learning and researching, while coming up with great ideas.

Relay For Life Shiawassee County

Flickr by Jeffrey Simms Photography

Pasillo rosa - SCA

Found on Flickr. Photo by SCA Cellulosa Aktiebolaget

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